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Baby Fever: A Public Service Announcement

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If you or a loved one is experiencing baby fever… please watch this video for important information.



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Baby Milestones: 1 Month Old 

Marley Joy is one month old… ok she’s two months now, but finding time to even think in the first month of having a baby is nearly impossible, so we’re a little late. But nonetheless, there we were one month into parenthood for me and one month into life for Marley.  Continue reading

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I’m Pregnant? WTF

ptest“Are you sure it’s going to fit out of there?”

When you suddenly find yourself staring at a positive pregnancy test it can be either the most exciting or the most stressful moment of your life. You smile for a second, then have a minor panic attack, then your entire life (past, present and future) flashes through your mind. You may be asking yourself:

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