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Raising a glass to the adventures of motherhood and life on an island!

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Baby Milestones: 7 MONTHS OLD

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Happy Hour Adventures: “Green Sand” Beach – Big Island, Hawaii

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Adventure with me across the Big Island of Hawaii. First stop: The “Green Sand” beach

How to Move to Hawaii: Checklist and Budget

Mission Hawaii: Journey to the Big Island


How to Move to Hawaii: Checklist and Budget

Moving anywhere, even if it’s just down the street, is a stressful and expensive endeavor. Moving to Hawaii is in a league of its own. If you’re ready to live the island life… take a few breaths, start saving some serious cash and get ready for some big changes.

*As a disclaimer; this budget is based off of myself (8.5 months pregnant during the move, by the way), my husband and our dog, Bruce. We moved from Colorado to the Big Island of Hawaii. Budgets will obviously vary if you’re a single person, big family or have pets.

Budget breakdown:

Shipping personal items: $1,500

Dog expenses (vet visits, permits, plane ticket, crate, etc.): $1,250

Shipping vehicle: $1,000

2 one-way plane tickets: $550

Airport baggage fees (we had a lot of baggage): $350

Miscellaneous travel expenses (hotels, gas, food etc.): $400

TOTAL for 2 people and a dog: $5,050

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