Pacifier Happy Hour

Raising a glass to the adventures of motherhood and life on an island!

Baby Bump Growth Progression

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How to Induce Labor – with Killer Dance Moves


Trying to get labor started? Stop trying… start dancing. All of those tricks they put in your mind like: drinking castor oil, having sex, eating pineapple, walking, bumpy car rides, etc. DON’T WORK. But killer dance moves may just do the trick. It’s worth a shot, anyway.

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Things You Can’t Do When You’re Pregnant


When you can’t ride roller coasters, eat raw meat or clean a litter box… what are you supposed to do with your weekend? Drink of choice for happy hour: Pickle Juice Margarita (just pickle juice really).

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Four Ways to Rock One Maternity Dress


Nothing fits! The bigger you get, the smaller your wardrobe seems to appear. Buying cute maternity clothes for your few months of pregnancy can be very expensive, so being able to style your limited options allows you to stretch your budget and mix it up. Continue reading

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Tips for Looking and Feeling Your Best During Pregnancy

wecandoitDuring pregnancy, all women want to feel amazing and look like that glowing magical pregnancy unicorn lady we saw in the mall rocking heels and a tight silhouette dress that perfectly frames her cute baby bump.

Following a healthy and productive lifestyle makes all the difference during pregnancy. You can do it! Here’s some tips to help you look and feel your best:

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