Pacifier Happy Hour

Raising a glass to the adventures of motherhood and life on an island!

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Baby Milestones: Four Months Old


Marley is getting more playful, more loving and more sassy every day. She has completely captured our hearts and has us wrapped around her tiny fingers. Continue reading


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Happy Hour Adventures: “Green Sand” Beach – Big Island, Hawaii

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Adventure with me across the Big Island of Hawaii. First stop: The “Green Sand” beach

How to Move to Hawaii: Checklist and Budget

Mission Hawaii: Journey to the Big Island

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You are NOT Ready for a Baby if…

Thinking about creating life? Make sure you don’t fall into any of the categories below before proceeding. You are NOT ready for a baby if… Continue reading

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Our Responsibility as Parents: In Response to the Violence in Charlottesville

Children are not born hating other people for the color of their skin, background or beliefs. They learn those feelings of hatred from the people they look up to and  surround themselves with.

OPINION: Continue reading

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Baby Milestones: Three Months Old

Marley was very uninterested in taking her 3 month picture on the surfboard. In order to take these pictures, Marley has to lay down… and laying down is not cool in her book. No one around her lays down all of the time, therefore she is not interested in it either.

Marley's favorites:

  • Does not like to lay down unless she is thoroughly entertained whilst laying
  • Loves anything crunchy
  • Has a newly acquired interest in toys
  • First laugh!!!!!! She loves laughing at the dog and people getting hit in the head with her toys
  • Rolling over! And over! And over!
  • Stares at mama all day