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Our Responsibility as Parents: In Response to the Violence in Charlottesville

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Children are not born hating other people for the color of their skin, background or beliefs. They learn those feelings of hatred from the people they look up to and  surround themselves with.


I will start this article by saying that I don’t usually partake in posting about political issues. As a student of journalism, I believe good media and news are presented in an ethical and unbiased manner from an outlet that fact checks and uses reliable sources. Social media has a negative impact on the way issues are presented to the public. Anyone with a keyboard can post about political issues on Facebook and people WILL read it and they WILL believe it. Unfortunately, social media is the biggest news outlet in the world, and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Hence why I don’t usually post about political issues.

That being said… I feel it is my responsibility as a parent and as a member of the human race to remind people to be kind to one another no matter their religion, political beliefs, sexual preference, race or weight and to teach our children to do the same.

Our minds are fragile. Words can be twisted through the trails of our brains to make us think in ways that blind us. Even the sanest of adults can be persuaded into doing things they never imagined with the right push from the wrong leader or peers. Choose your role models and friends wisely.

The minds of our children are complete mush in comparison; putty waiting to be molded. They are constantly watching our actions, hearing our words and observing the way we conduct ourselves as human beings. Children are not born hating other people for the color of their skin, background or beliefs. They learn those feelings of hatred from the people they surround themselves with.

If you want to make a positive difference in the world, you can start by teaching your children to love by doing so yourself.

As parents, it is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to:

Encourage them to stand up for what is right.

Explain that while hate takes lives… love creates life.

Teach them how to tell the difference between GOOD and EVIL.

Let them learn to think for themselves, and not to accept ideas blindly.

Don’t let them be afraid to question why we do things, instead of just do them because someone told them to.

Help them understand what good morals are.


Give them the confidence they need to succeed. 

Show them how to be a little bit kinder than necessary.

Pride them on their good manners and humble modesty.

AND MOST OF ALL… Remember that they are always watching you: how you handle life is how they think they should too.  


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Author: Jessica Amelia Bruner

Life is Good | Lifestyle, Motherhood/Pregnancy Blogger | Hawaii Adventurer | Colorado Raised

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