Baby Milestones: 1 Month Old 

Marley Joy is one month old… ok she’s two months now, but finding time to even think in the first month of having a baby is nearly impossible, so we’re a little late. But nonetheless, there we were one month into parenthood for me and one month into life for Marley. 

Marley’s milestones and favorite things:

  • Can’t survive without her pacifier
  • Does a pretty good job of holding head up already
  • Loves being swaddled and cuddling
  • Eats every 2 hours at least (sometimes cluster feeds)
  • Sleeps mostly and cries a lot unless she is kept busy
  • Loves adventuring to the store with mom and G-Ma
  • Enjoys long naps in her swing
  • Really likes the crunchy sound of her changing table
  • Has already been to at least 10 different beaches in Hawaii
  • Loves staring at the ceiling fan
  • Goes to the driving range with dad a lot
  • Recognizes her G-Ma, G-Pa, Uncle Nicky, Aunt Emma, Aunt Ashley and Uncle Jeremy
  • Sleeps pretty well through the night, sometimes all night!
  • Keeps mom very busy when awake

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