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Raising a glass to the adventures of motherhood and life on an island!

Confessions of a Pregnant Lady




When you’re pregnant, normal means: sneezing and peeing your pants, being curious about breast pumps, not being able to hold your farts in, getting “drunk” off of pickle juice, smelling things from a mile away, comparing yourself to a cow, googling hit men and forgetting to stop at stoplights just to name a few. Watch my pregnancy confessions here: Confessions of a Pregnant Lady



Author: Jessica Amelia Bruner

Life is Good | Lifestyle, Motherhood/Pregnancy Blogger | Hawaii Adventurer | Colorado Raised

6 thoughts on “Confessions of a Pregnant Lady

  1. Yes! pickle juice is the # 1 cocktail of choice ! I remember it well!


  2. Best confession video ever! I can’t wait to see “confessions of child birth” and “confessions of a new mom!” You’ll rock those too!


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